How many of you are addicted to the Target clearance end caps? Come on, raise your hand! NO SHAME HERE, PEOPLE! If you're not raising your hand, I question your existence, or commitment to Target. If you thought to yourself "I don't even look at the clearance racks", well my friend, you are a better human than I. 

I am a person who uses coupons. I like finding deals, saving money, etc. When people ask me about my couponing, I literally get every excuse as to why they don't do it. "There's no coupons for what I want. It takes too much time. I don't get it." Etc, etc, etc. Well people, did you ever take into account that you truly don't need coupons to save money?! I present to you, Target Clearance Finds. 

I feel like more and more lately, Target has more than half their store on clearance. But hey, i'm not complaining! I picked up some grass seed and plant food, leggings, tons of scrapbooking things, party supplies, a halloween costume I am going to use as a christmas present for baby girl, and a halloween baking book. Retail value? $100. What did I pay? $40! I saved SIXTY dollars, people! 

I also really like Targets clearance items because they have the percentage you're getting off marked on the actual sticker. I love shopping at Target because I feel I can get my "retail therapy" out of the way without breaking the bank! 

Do you shop Target clearance items?
What has been your best find?

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