Why I Am The Most Boring Person Ever

"Omg have you seen *insert a great movie title here*?!"


"Well have you seen *insert an even better movie title here*?!"

.....haven't seen that one either....

I know this is one thing my husband just can't wrap his head around. 
(Okay, I just got really excited calling him my HUSBAND! EEE!) 
I am here today to let you all in on a not-so-secret secret...

I. Hate. Movies.

*gasp*! WHAAAAT?! I know, crazy, huh? But hear me out. 
Let me explain WHY cinematography  just doesn't tickle my fancy. 

When I was growing up, just like all parents, my parents had rules. Being a preachers daughter, my rules were a little different from my friends. Side note: my parents were VERY lenient and VERY rational, but when I was a teenager, I didn't see that. Hello, do any kids think their parents are RATIONAL growing up?! NO. They're all out to ruin our lives. ;)
Back to our rules...
One of our rules was this: No PG-13 movies until we were 15. I know, i know. Some of you are saying "WHAT?!?! I WATCHED RATED R FILMES WHEN I WAS 3." Well good for you, but my parents were different. Really looking back on it, I didn't think it was horrible. There is SO much in movies these days that kids don't need to see. At 13 years young I wasn't a "kid", but I feel like my parents were "protecting my innocence" in a way. 
Fast forward to the age of 15 when I COULD see movies. By that point in time, I was so over seeing movies. I had passed up all the cool flicks my friends and seen and I just didn't want to spend hours upon hours catching up. 

Fun story for you? When I turned 18, yes EIGHTEEN, I found out I was the ONLY one of my siblings who didn't break this rule and go see a PG-13 movie in the theaters. To think I would put my parents through hell just a few short months later with the announcement of my pregnancy. Hahaha. 

Fast forward to my now "adult life". I just don't have the patience to sit through movies. Sure, M and I will go on dates to the theaters every now and then, but lets be honest it's more for the popcorn and red vines I know I will soon devour. Okay, there are a few movies I like to sit through, but VERY FEW. 
Bridesmaids? Bring it on. Remember The Titans? A classic. Anything else? I'm probably not interested. 

Do you enjoy movies?
What is your favorite one?

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