Oh, Just A Quick Trip To Chicago!

When thinking about what to get M for his wedding gift I was truly stumped. 
Another watch? A few rounds of golf somewhere? A trip to Chicago for the Home Opener Cubs game? You can imagine which one won! It has been on his bucket list to visit Wrigley Field because his Grandma was a Cubs fan. Wrigley Field was amazing! It was a short and sweet trip, but for how cold it was, that was perfectly okay with me! 

When we first got there it was foggy. Like the most fog i've ever seen in my life. Rather creepy, if you ask me. It was really awesome though because i've had never seen anything like it before.  

I was so thankful when we got to our hotel because the lovely lady at the front desk let us check in early. Our plans were to drop our luggage off, then find somewhere to eat and head to the game early. We were in desperate need of some sleep and we were SO grateful for her! We took a short nap then headed to the field. Man oh man, I was C O L D. I live in cold weather, I know what it's like. But for some reason, the wind that accompanied the cold weather in Chicago made me want to die. We endured though. We got to see Wrigley Field and we had such an amazing experience! 
(Side Note: NEVER ask if there is a "Jumbo-Tron" in Wrigley Field)

I was so excited to be heading to Chicago because one of my greatest friends from high school took a job there about a year ago. It was so nice to see her, catch up, and just hang out like old times! She took us to this awesome place called Dublin's. It's was the type of place that when we were walking up, I asked "Uh, are you sure this place is open?!" They were in-fact open and we stayed there for hours chatting, drinking, and eating plates of delicious bread. Okay, I was the only one going to nom town on the bread, but hey, it was good! (Also another side note: we went to McDonalds late that night after we got home, and the guy working didn't know what a "Hot N Spicy" was. Is that normal, Chicago?! Do you people know what "Hot N Spicy's" are?!)

The next day the only thing we wanted to accomplish was sleeping in. It is a rare luxury in our house and we very much accomplished that Saturday morning! I really wanted to see Millennium Park, which we did. I also got to meet a friend of mine I met through Twitter, which was really awesome! We also ate lunch at a delicious place called Cosi. Sadly, I read our flight wrong and we left at 5 AM and not 5 PM, so we had dinner and called it an early night so we could leave early for our flight. 

Chicago was such an amazing trip! I was so happy we did the things we wanted on our list and more importantly I was so happy to be there with my amazing husband! 

Have you ever been to Chicago?
What was your favorite part?!

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