The Dad He Didn't Have To Be

Ever since a conversation with another guy a few weeks ago, I knew I wanted to write this post. However, I knew I needed to write this post when I had cooled off a little bit and my emotions weren't going to get the best of me. Quite honestly I'm not even sure what I want to say, but I know I need to say it. This post might be a bit ramble-y and for that I apologize, but what I'm about to say has a huge impact on my life and the life of my daughter so I want it to be said…

My husband is a rockstar. My husband is phenomenal. My husband is my world. 
My husband is a DAD to a little girl when he never had to be. 

Backtrack to my conversation with this random guy a few weeks ago:
"Oh you have a daughter? Is it your husbands kid?"
Not only does that question PISS ME THE HELL OFF, but it's just rude. You don't ask someone that. And although I could lie to people and say "yes", for some reason this time I said "not his biological daughter…"
He replies with...
"Wait, let me get this straight….you had a KID with ANOTHER GUY and someone STILL married you? AND he raises your kid? WOW! Hats off to him because I could NEVER do that"

… know why you could probably never do that? Because it takes a real MAN to be in that kind of situation and still make the best of it. From the way you're talking right now you are a poor excuse for a man, random stranger I just met. It also takes a MAN to love a woman with a child. It takes a MAN to love that child exactly like his own and do the best job he can at raising he/she. 

So rude. Rude, rude, RUUUUDE! 
It literally made my blood boil. It took everything in me not to call my husband over and have him knock the stupid kid out. But because i'm a lady, I decided not do that. 

The thing is this; yes, it's not "cookie cutter" for relationships to happen the way mine did. But you know what? It did happen. And you know what else? Believe it or not, we are HAPPY. We are a family. We love each other, all three of us. Baby girl and M have a bond like i've never seen before. 
He is the designated "story reader" at night. He let's her ride on him like a horsey around the living room. He's taught her that dirt and mud are okay and that being afraid of flies is the silliest thing ever. 

So let me say again, my husband is a ROCKSTAR. He never HAD to be a dad. He never HAD to stay around when I told him about baby girl on the first night we met. But he CHOSE to do that. He KNEW what he was getting into. In my opinion, that's the manliest thing a man can do. 

Before you judge someones relationship or say ANYTHING to their face, please think of their feelings. Think of what they might have been through to get to the point they are in their life. 
I truly thank God each and every single day that my husband was brought into our lives. I couldn't love that man any more if I tried. One of his most attractive qualities is that he IS such an amazing DAD. 

We love you, M. Thank you for everything you do. You'll never know the impact you've had on our lives or how much we truly truly love you. You are our world. 
A million times over again, THANK YOU. 

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