All About The Dresses

I have never been in love with two dresses more in my entire life. My wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses were everything I could have hoped for and more. I could just post a bunch of pictures and let them speak for themselves, but i'll go into a little detail and back story for your entertainment. 

My wedding dress wasn't the dress I was going to originally wear. A few years ago, I had found a killer deal on a dress that I liked, and I bought it. No, I wasn't engaged. I wasn't even dating anyone! 
I did like the dress, however once I got engaged and I tried it on, I couldn't breathe. Don't cha love gaining weight?! I wasn't too disappointed, because it gave me a reason to look at other options. 

I didn't go to any bridal stores. I didn't go shopping with all my bridesmaids. I didn't have anyone reassure me "yupp, that's the dress!" It was actually quite opposite of each one of those scenarios.  

M and I were down in Phoenix working a gun show one weekend and I had been there long enough. I decided I was going head to the mall, like any good girl would do, and look at dresses. I never in a million years thought I would actually buy anything. I went to a couple stores but nothing was really "catching my eye". I went into Dillards and there it was. On the clearance rack. I seriously felt like I was in a movie where the heavens opened up, light shined (shown?) down upon it, and a sweet angel was singing "ahhhhh". I had had my moment. From the second I saw it I knew that was my dress. Did I know if it would fit? Nope. But I did know I was absolutely in love with it to the point where I almost started crying. It was everything I wanted in a dress, all on one dress. 

I tried it on and just sat in my dressing room for a good 15 mins with it on. True story. 
I remember texting a picture to both my sister and one of my bridesmaids and I got the same response "uh, is that dress pink?!" Plot twist, my dress wasn't white. 
I never imagined I wouldn't wear a white dress. Yes, I get the significance of it, but I don't follow anyones rules except my own. (Okay, thats a lie, but I still wanted a white dress.) 
This dress was perfect though. Despite not being white, I was so madly in love with it. And mainly, I knew it would look great with my "shit kickers" that I was wanting to wear. (Mom, don't get mad, that's just what Daddy called them.) My parents weren't too happy that I wore cowboy boots with my wedding dress, but remember the whole thing I said about "rules"? This applies here. I wore the cowboy boots. 
The dress had a rosette pattern on the bottom and a gorgeous top. The pictures will show a more detailed look at that. 

As for my bridesmaids dresses, I knew I wanted something classic. I see too many girls my age getting married and they pick the most…what's the word i'm looking for here?…not classy? dresses. HAHA! 
I wanted to look back on my pictures and be happy with the choices I made. I also wanted something that would look good with our venue, something that looked good on all the girls, and something that was timeless. 

I understand with weddings there are A LOT of different views and opinions. Not everyone may like the dresses I picked. Not everyone needed to. For me, these were the perfect dresses for my wedding. 

Both my wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses were chosen at Dillards and the designer for both dresses was Adrianna Papell. No, this wasn't planned. But hey, if the shoe dress fits?!

If you have further questions about either dresses, please ask! Without further ado, pictures of both my dress and the lovely bridesmaid dresses. 

(Rosette detail on bottom of dress)
(Top of dress detail)

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