Keep Good Going & Celebrating Good

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Life happens. 
The good, the bad, and the ugly. 
It's inevitable. 
However, waking up every single day and choosing for us to be Celebrating Good, that's what matters. 
Just like Julia - The Happiest Daughter 

"Life" happened to me at the age of 19 when I found out I was pregnant. As you can imagine, this was a huge life change for not only myself but for my family as a whole.  Although being pregnant at a young age was hard, it wasn't terrible. I knew had I gone into this hoping for the best and having the best attitude possible, I would be able to come out of this stronger than before, and I did. 

Growing up I always knew my mother was an amazing woman. Raising 6 kids, working full time, and always making sure we had dinner as a family was never an easy task. When I got pregnant my mom was, for obvious reasons, disappointed. I knew she wanted more for my life and she was afraid I was compromising those dreams she had for me. My mom and I have become tremendously closer since the birth of my daughter and I am so grateful for that. Now as a wife and mother myself, I have taken so many great lessons from her and applied them to my life. One thing my parents always did was making sure we had dinner together as a family, every single night. Looking back on it, that was my biggest joy. As an adult I realize not many families did/do that. And as an adult I make it a point to have dinner made and on the table so we can have dinner together, as a family. 

My mom is my hero. She has taught me so many amazing life lessons and I hope to be half the wife and mother she is. Not only is she an amazing mom, but she is an extrodianry grandma. I love seeing the bond she has with not only my daughter but my nephews as well. 

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