Save On Christmas All Year Long!

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A Christmas post, wait what?! Ya, you read that right, CHRISTMAS! Crazy, I know, just bare with me. And hey, who doesn't like talking about Christmas?!

Raise your hand if you love saving money….all y'alls hands better be up
Saving money is probably one of my most favorite things in the world. Well, next to BBQ chicken pizza and a nice warm pazookie, but that's besides the point…let's talk SAVING MONEY! 

How many of you go overboard at Christmas? It's okay, go ahead, admit it. 
How many of you go absolutely broke come december because you've spent all your money on gifts for people? Again, it's okay to admit it. That's me a lot of the time, too. 
I'm here to give you a solution! 

Here are some tips for saving money on Christmas ALL YEAR LONG!
1. Shop all year long
Don't wait until December to do all your shopping. Start your shopping EARLY! 
2. Shop S A L E S !
See a killer deal on something? Pick it up as a gift! 
3. Shop out of season.
This kind of goes with the above statement, but shop out of season and put things away as gifts. Even birthday gifts! 
4. Shop seasonal items after the holidays. 
Want to spruce up your holiday decor the next year? Buy all the items on discount after Christmas the year before! 
5. Have a budget and STICK TO IT.
Map out how much money you want to spend on holiday gifts and birthdays in a years time and stick to that budget. I know this one is easier said then done, but just try it. Maybe even take the cash out of the bank so you have it, then only use cash on gifts when need be. 
6. Shop through Ebates. 
This site is amazing and actually pays you CASH BACK for shopping through their site. No, I am not being paid by them to say this, I genuinely use and like their site! If you do a lot of online shopping, this is the way to go! 
Want to sign up? Use this link! 

These are just a few of my tips for saving on money all year round for Christmas! (Or holidays, or birthdays, or whatever you celebrate)

Do you have any tips and/or tricks for saving money around the holidays?
Do you have a certain way you do gifts?!

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