Wedding Ceremony

My whole wedding day was perfection, but if we're being honest the ceremony was the one thing I was completely terrified about. Walking down the aisle, being in front of people, TALKING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE?! Not my strong suit. I was terrified of every unrealistic thing out there. Thankfully, everything went so effortlessly perfect.

The weather was perfect that day. The venue couldn't have looked more beautiful.
The guests were amazing. And overall, I got to marry my best friend.

Our ceremony took place on a golf course which I thought was absolutely breathtaking. The view behind us was gorgeous and the grounds of the golf course all together were amazing.

This is another post that doesn't require much explaining because well, the pictures do that all too well. These are a few of my favorites from the ceremony.

(See these ladies in the back? They literally sat and watched my entire wedding from when we had our "first look", all the way through our pictures, and till the end of the ceremony. GO AWAY!)

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