Why Little Girls Need Daddies

Its crazy how much can change in just one year. 

Before M came along baby girl hated bugs, dirt, getting hurt, pretty much….anything and everything.
I wish I was exaggerating when I say that, but i'm not. 
I remember when M and I first started dating and we were at a pool party with a bunch of his friends. Baby girl would not stop SCREAMING because there were flies. FLIES PEOPLE
I surely thought he would be done with me after that. 
Who wants to date a chick with a kid who is afraid of everything on the planet?! 

Thankfully, she has come a LONG way from that moment and I owe all of it to M. 
Sure, I did a great job as a parent on my own. But you see when there's only a mom in the picture, things stay at princesses and pink butterflies, bugs are gross and things stay clean. Although I knew bugs and dirt and flies weren't scary, baby girl didn't. I truly feel she needed a man in her life to really remind her things are okay.
Bugs are okay, dirt is okay, and monsters under the bed aren't real. 

It didn't happen overnight by any means. The past year has been a huge growing and learning process for us all. Sometimes it kills me to know daddy is making her "tough it out", when all I want to do is run in a kiss her boo boo's all better. 

She needed someone to show her how to play in the dirt. 
She needed someone to show her how to kill bugs. 
She needed someone to ride piggy back with. 
She needed someone to make her be tough. 

I'm not saying I didn't do these things as a mom, however having a male around truly changed the way baby girl acted. She got a different perspective on things. She had another mindset when it came to certain situations. 

I could have never imagined so much would change in a little girl over the course of a year. 
She loves playing in the garden and helping shovel dirt with her daddy. 
She barely cries when she gets hurt because she knows she needs to be a "tough girl".
She loves to try new things and loves when daddy is there helping her. 
She really really has evolved as a child having a full time dad in her life. 

Each and every day I think about how blessed we are. I know not every situation is like ours. I know not every man out there is like M. He truly is the best dad though, and he is the greatest thing to ever happen to us. Thank you, M. You have given baby girl something that I could have never given her on my own. You are our missing puzzle piece. I will never be able to say thank you enough for that. 

Happy Fathers Day, baby. XO. 

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