Things I'm Not Sorry About

-I'm not sorry that I don't own every piece of designer clothing out there. Yes, 95% of the time I look like a homeless person, but the price of clothing is ridiculous!

-I'm not sorry that I enjoy the taste of a nice cold beer.

-I'm not sorry I choose to stay at home with my kid rather than having someone else watch her.

-I'm not sorry I just found out what "Lilly" was.

-I'm not sorry about my curves. Women are made to have hips.

-I'm not sorry for being frugal. Call me cheap, it is what it is.

-I'm not sorry for the ways I choose to bring in an extra dollar for my family. Judge away.

-I'm not sorry I hate Diet Coke.

-I'm not sorry we live in a small town. 

-I'm not sorry that I want to punch everyone in the face who says "OMG HOW DO YOU DO IT?!"

-I'm not sorry I don't like binge drinking.

-I'm not sorry I don't like staying up past 10 pm.

-I'm not sorry that sometimes I just need some "ME" time.

-I AM however sorry that you just read all this. Carry on with your day...

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