25 Before 25

Well, it's that time of the year. That time of the year where I turn another year older. (Well, tomorrow)
I want to do 25 things before I turn 25, and here is my list:

1. Run some sort of marathon, even if it's a half

2. Learn the art of canning

3. Start & finish a scrapbook

3. Get pregnant

4. Have a VIP weekend in Vegas 

5. Make "Diamond" with It Works Global

6. Attempt to Scuba Dive

7. Grow my blog 

8. Meet one blog friend in person 

9. Blog every day for one month straight 

10. Grow our savings account/shrink out debt 

11. Have a getaway weekend with my husband 

12. 25 random acts of kindness 

13. Do a wine tasting at a vineyard 

14. Start a YouTube channel for this blog 

15. Create an office for myself in one of our spare bedrooms 

16. Learn to use all the manual settings on our camera

17. Guest post on 5 different blogs 

18. Get fit/healthy 

19. Save up enough to get our kitchen re-done 

20. Master the art of homemade bread 

21. Make an outfit from scratch using my sewing machine 

22. Treat myself to a new outfit/purse/shoes

23. Do 10 crafts from my Pinterest boards 

24. Go overboard with holiday decorations 

25. Treat myself to a mani/pedi 

I know some of these things seem so little, but they are things I personally want to do/accomplish. Stay tuned for updates throughout the next year! Have you ever done anything on this list?! I'd love to hear about them! 

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