Internet Pet Peeves

Ahh the internet. One of the greatest inventions out there. Sadly, not all people who use the internet are the brightest crayons in the box. The things said, done, and the ever-growing list of misspelled words on the internet truly make me cringe. 

For your enjoyment, a few of my biggest internet pet peeves…

1. "Follow for follow"
I absolutely LOATHE when someone gets on an instagram picture of mine and proceeds to comment "follow for follow?" GO. AWAY! You people are SO annoying. I don't follow people on ANY social media to get "follows back". I follow people because I genuinely like what they post, in this case, pictures. So NO, I will not "follow for follow", get a life. 

2. Grown adults who don't know how to spell
This goes without saying. I truly believe this annoys everyone out there (besides the people who are the culprits) I can understand an error here or there, or when big words might be hard, but there are simple words that should NOT be written the wrong way. You as an adult should KNOW the different between KNOW and NO. That's all there is to it. 

3. The irrelevant hashtagger 
Over-hashtagging (is that a word?) and irrelevant hashtagging are two separate things. I hashtag a lot. Like a lot a lot. BUT! The types of people who hashtag the most irrelevant things on their pictures REALLY irk me. For instance, a picture of a sunset…. #america #china #shopping #makeup #arizona #twitter #cheeseburger #blanket #california #newyork #bestdayever #coffee #couple #ilovefall 

4. The unfollower/refollower 
Have you ever had someone follow you? Then unfollow you? Then follow you again? About 10 times? 
In the matter of 3 days? 

5. People who alert you that they are unfollowing you 
"Ugh, you are so annoying, i'm unfollowing you"
………………do you want an award? A cookie perhaps? Why is it necessary to TELL someone who are unfollowing them?! So irrelevant. So so so so so irrelevant. 

6. Play by plays of your ENITRE day
I get it, you want to keep up to date with your family on Facebook. But if you have a novel for a status and it includes EVERY SINGLE THING you did today, just stop. Pick up a phone, give whoever cares to hear that much a call, and tell them. Because trust me, your 500+ Facebook friends MOST LIKELY don't care too much about what you had for breakfast, and lunch, and dinner, and snack, and what you did on your break at work, and the drink of water you just had, and the pee you took an hour ago. 

7. "So and so has sent you a request to play Candy Crush Saga"
This one needs no explaining. 

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