Start A 'Go Fund Me' Campaign If...

I've seen 5,492,593,049 Go Fund Me Campaigns floating around. 
Not to worry though, YOU TOO can have a campaign! Here are a few ideas for you…

Start a campaign if…

-You can't decide what to have for dinner.
Yes, if you start a campaign because you don't know what to have for dinner, people will send you money and then you can buy a grocery store therefore resulting in the fact that you can purchase any and all food. Then you'll never have to decide on one meal again. 

-You stub your toe on the couch.
Emotional damage is a real thing. Better start saving up for the psychological help you may need in the future because of this life-altering event.

-You missed the season finale/series premier of your favorite show.
If enough people donate, you can afford 10 TV's, along with cable from every tv provider, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and you can make sure you never miss another episode again. 

-You want to take a tropical vacation.
Hey, no one else wants to take a vacation in the world. So YOU start a campaign and we'll all send you our money so you can enjoy that for us. 

-You want to help others.
Your cousins, co-worker has decided to go gluten free and you want to support their new lifestyle change. 
Start a campaign! 

-You want to get cosmetic surgery for your dog.
Does your dog have crooked ears?! Let's talk about cosmetic surgeries that can be done. Can't afford it? No problem. People will help you. 

If you've had trouble coming up with ideas for campaigns, I have you covered. However if you use one of my brilliant ideas, I do ask for small donation to my "Momma Needs New Kicks" Campaign! 

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