Quit Apologizing For Your Mess

Stop reading this post and go to your Facebook feed. Scroll a little bit until you see a picture from a mom. Is she apologizing for her messy house? The dirty mirrors? The toys on the floor? 9 times out of 10, she is. 

Quit apologizing. Quit apologizing for the mess your kids make. 
I know it's a cliche saying, but nonetheless I love it. 

Mom's we shouldn't be sorry about the messes in our pictures. I say "we" because I too am guilty of this. "Sorry for the dirty mirror but…." or "I know the house is a mess but…." 
Why has it come to this? Why are we so worried about people judging our messes that we literally have to apologize every time we post a picture?

I don't know about you, but my house is never perfect. As I type this there are muffin crumbs on the coffee table, markers all over the place, and barbies as far as my eye can see in the living room. But you know what? I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that because I know my kid is playing, eating, and living life. Does our house stay a mess? Absolutely not. (Okay, not all the time) All of this "mess" will be cleaned up within the hour, but nonetheless it's there, and i'm NOT sorry about it. 

Moms, cut yourself a break. You do A LOT. You shouldn't have to be worried about what everyone on Facebook and/or instagram is thinking on top of the housework and dinner you have to cook tonight. You are a rockstar. Never sell yourself short of that. And tonight? Enjoy the little messes, your kids are making memories! 

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