Don't Be An Idiot On Instagram

Oh Instagram. One of my favorite forms of social media! Theres just something about mass amounts of filters and hashtags that really revs my engine. I know I have done a post similar to this with my Internet Pet Peeves, but I'm singling out Instagram today. 
If you don't follow me over there yet, you clearly don't follow very many cool people. I kid, I kid. However, I DID change my handle and you should definitely go check it out! Everything is getting in sync. *insert angels singing*

Anyway, I'm straying…back to the post. Don't be an idiot on instagram. It's simple, really. 
Let me break it down for you and share the things that truly annoy me 

1) #dont #you #dare #do #this

#dont #ever #do #this #it #is #so #annoying

3) "See above 'Internet Pet Peeves' post"

4) The people who make a collage with 539 pictures in it. 
Excuse me but your pictures are too small and I can't zoom and I can't creep your pictures.

5) The underage girls who post 15 selfies in one night holding a bottle of alcohol. 
Nothing screams "IM UNDERAGE" quite like the pictures of you and alcohol. 

6) The people who pride themselves in never using a filter. 
Get over yourself. Some days are more rough than others and we need a filter every now and then.

7) The people who are super creepy on comments
This needs no explanation. We've all seen it.

8) Private User Accounts
Y u no let me creep?!

9) People who don't follow me
I'm clearly awesome and you're missing out

What are some of your biggest instagram annoyances? Leave them in the comments! 

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